We offer a highly personal and bespoke service to individuals and companies to ensure you find the type and specification of the property you require.
Our specialist knowledge of the area and types of property allow us to undertake a targeted property finder service within our expansive circle of associates.

Our range of services to the buyer include:

Full search based on the criteria provided
Preparation of a portfolio of potential properties
Assessment of the values and possible costs involved
Checking the legal and environmental reports
Negotiation with owners or third parties involved
Help with the purchase
Liaison with parties until the purchase is complete

We will assist and report on a regular basis so that you feel assured that your purchased is on track and all stumbling blocks are negotiated.


Our specialist knowledge and contacts within the housing market gives us a major advantage when the need to locate houses or homes is essential.

We understand your constraints, whether time to look, knowledge of houses or whether you are too far away, our service gives you complete peace of mind.

Our bespoke service covers all types of property, price range and needs.


"After discussing my requirements with Stuart, it was obvious he knew exactly what I was looking for and was then able to offer several options to view"

"We were able to buy a house based on their recommendation and did a valuation and assessment before we travelled from Yorks to actually see it"

"I've know Stuart Newmans over 20 years and so far have bought 5 houses through them"


We offer an exclusive, personal service to help you in your search for your perfect property.

What can we do for you?

Contact us now 01494 862234 or info@stuartnewmans.com

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